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Author Topic: Successful High Yield Investment Plan Owners Know This.  (Read 15367 times)

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Successful High Yield Investment Plan Owners Know This.
« on: June 09, 2017, 01:01:58 PM »

Promoting HYIPs will push an investment project and making it bring in more money for both the hyip admins and investors. After all, the project being unnoticed and with low website hits is paid hosting in vain and wasted time and effort.

What makes a good High Yield Investment Plan (HYIP) promotion?

The initial task of a newborn HYIP project’s administrator is to determine its objectives and life-span, not forgetting taken into consideration the type of hyip themes.

Depending on the above different factors, a good strategy of promoting the HYIP can then be built, a general breakdown is as follows:

1) The different HYIP types

It is important to identify the type of hyip programs we deal with:

• Low-interest HYIP programs — as these are here to stay for a longer term, hence this HYIP require regular investments for promotion and advertising. They are especially sensitive at the stage of fading. When there is a decline in the inflow of investors, hyip owners are advised to make a wave of promotion, which will help to attract new investors.

• Mid-interest HYIP programs — expectation of your HYIP lifespan will be 3-4 weeks or up to 3-4 months. Every now and then, it will need a reorganizing and influx of new plans, so promotions can also be recurring.

• High-yield HYIP programs — normally hourly rate HYIP plans as they do not have very long life span, they may disappeared within 2 to 3 days, as payout interest are too tempting for investors. For this hyip types, the most crucial part is the initial start-up promotion and once that is done up well, hyip owners can then let the project go with the flow.

2) Your Budget

Your present financial status will define how much is the budget you are willing to spend on HYIP promotion and advertising. Rule of thumb and based on experience, HYIP owners should not put in less than 60% of the budget to it. Ideally should be 70-80% of your HYIP plan bankroll. You should understand that successful HYIPs survive only at the expense of the effective advertisings.

3) Your Objectives and Other External Factors

What do you expect from the project, or rather what is the final financial results to achieve? Some administrators aim to grab some hundred dollars and close their HYIP program as they have many of such projects and they are earning from them. In this case, to allocate a lot of money to promote and advertise HYIPs with such income is not feasible. On the other hand, there are administrators who are interested in creating only a few, but worthwhile projects that will bring thousands to them. In this case, they will promote them in every way and spend large sums on advertising. In addition, the budget will depend on the present HYIP industry trends: steps normally taken is to create existence in hyip forums follow by trust contextual advertising and banners promotions. You must be able to identify your objective and allocate your resources accordingly base on the desire outcomes.

4) HYIP Promotion Methods

a) Buying Banner Advertising.

It is not only one of the most powerful in terms of advertising expenses, but also one of the most popular way of promotion. To buy more space for banners on other hyip related website is indeed a good promotion of HYIPs. But it is important to learn how to choose the good reputated, trust-worthy, hyip related and relevant websites which had present themselves well, which will attract potential investors to your project. HYIPReview.info had been around since 2004 and had gather a group of loyal hyip investor supporters over the years. Check out http://hyipreview.info/buy_ads/ for our bannerplacement offers.

b) Traditional Advertising on Search Engine

Remember that traditional advertising on Search Engine has its own pros and cons:

• High costs involved

• High efficiency

• Cost from 100 USD per week

c) Buying "Sticky" Listings at HYIP Monitors Sites

There are special website called hyip monitors – these are sites that track hyip projects be it to be new or old. They are continuously monitoring emerging new hyips status. With hyip investors checking in everyday to check out hyip plans status, so it will be most relevant and rewarding to advertise here in terms of HYIP promotion. Buying "Sticky" Listings is to list your hyip website at the hyip monitor site and make it "Featured" to stand out from the rest of HYIP plans. Check out http://hyipreview.info/advertise/ on our offer for such advertisement.

d) Promotion in Facebook and other social networks

Perhaps, it is one of the closest to the real targeted audience in the ways of promoting HYIPs since most user check their facebook or their social network site everyday. Below are way in promoting via Social Networks:

• Placement of banners

• Advertisements in social networks

• Creating groups

• Creating fan pages and inviting friends

• Direct message and inviting to HYIPs

• Presentation video via Youtube, etc.

Promotion in social networks can be time-consuming and expensive, but it really help to attract many targeted investor in the long run.

e) Traffic Exchange and PTC

Traffic exchange is a good way to generate website hits (website views), it varies from paid and targeted traffic to free traffic, HYIP admin visit websites, in return other web master will visit your hyip site.

f) Paid Reviews, Word of Mouth (Referrals) and other Methods

Here are two more ways which is more effective in hyip marketing.

• Paid Reviews is a kind of agreement between the HYIP administrator and regular forum users. The hyip admin will transfer a certain deposit amount to forum user, so that they can post their views and experience at forums.

• Word of mouth is the tool which we are all familiar with from childhood. How does good or bad news spread? From the ear in the ear. The best tool for this is through hyip forums where there is a discussion of the HYIP project with a lot of trustworthy and positive feedback providing a good impression and feedbacks for new potential investor to view.

Special note for "word of mouth": Comments and Reviews such “COOL !!!! SUPER !!!! “do not work. It should be well-written and consistent review of your hyip, for example, with the indication of the real interest payments and proof, confirming the validity of hyip admins and site, etc.

• Insurance - There is another kind of promotion. We will talk in great detail about this kinds of HYIP promotion further if you are interested, do email us at "s u p p o r [email protected]"(without space) for more information on this promotion.

5) Two Styles of HYIP Advertising

To sum up, all the hyip promotion style can be classified into two groups:

• Aggressive style: HYIP promotions style recommended for hyips which literally need to attract massive new investors to attract them to join the plans in the early startup of High Yield Investment Plans. Typically, admin will use such methods for high-interest HYIPs plan, but seldom for mid-interest projects.

• Passive style: Low profile HYIP promotion style recommended for lower-interest HYIPs which need only systematic and gradual investments.

6) HYIP Marketing

HYIP Marketing as a mandatory component of promotion

Since HYIPs inherently differ from pyramid schemes and all sorts of fraudulent organizations or scams, they should be correctly positioned from the start. In this aspect, the marketing strategy in HYIP promotion seems rather a complicated task, because you need to sell a project quickly and profitably without a hint of deception. Therefore it is necessary to know your marketing – a trend that requires studying a great deal of information and a large-scale approach, as well as the corresponding budget.

Here are some way in marketing your hyip program for sharing:

• Creating your hyip presence in forums and blogs

• The involvement of bloggers and ordered articles about HYIPs

• Direct E-mail

• Invited reviews of your HYIP

• Participating in affiliate programs

• Introducing offers and bonuses

Now I would describe a few words on each way in detail:

a) Forums and Blogs

This HYIP promotion has the right to live, as generally it is a consistent and "never-fail-to-work" way for attracting new investors. People trust opinions of others: it is necessary to publish information consistent and reliably on your forums. That is, reviews and comments should create and inspire confidence in investors, and show that they are not created by robots and hyip owners are sincere in paying investor, payment proof is highly recommended. We sincerely invite hyip owner to register a free account at our forum at http://www.hyipreview.info/forum/ to tap to our existing hyip investor base and create awareness on your hyip program.

b) Article and Blogger Reviews

Have Bloggers or Copywriter to write here their good experience, their impression about the hyip program and administrator, their help responses and payout timeliness. Regularly publish reports of such. The main thing is try not to fake on the reviews and reports. Although all reviews on forums and blogs may not be true. But of course, there are still real and geniue ones among them.

c) Direct E-mail

Although it is the most traditional one to deliver information and certainly is the most reliable way. You can also send potential investor e-mails through Skype and in social networks. The trick is to write an attractive title and introduction in the email, which will catch the viewer attention instantly to read on, telling him/her about the benefits of joining namely your HYIP. This is important as there is already many of such marketing email in the market, yours need to stand out.

Important: it is necessary to create e-mail newsletter a couple of days before your HYIP startup, especially for high-yield programs that are not going to exist for a long time in the market.

d) Affiliate programs

Form a network of mutually beneficial partnership with related hyip sites like hyip monitor(hyipreview.info) and identified who are your best referrals among your invesors. Throw them a special rated referral offer to attract them to continue bring in more investors.

e) Invited Articles and Write-ups

It is important to choose a copywriter who will objectively look at your site and be able to highlight the advantages correctly. He can even add a couple of drawbacks though: it always inspires confidence in the reader. In addition, such HYIP promotion allows beginners to learn more about your site in the form of a full-scale review. It is also an analytical material and a good experience for the investor. Check out our review at hyipreview.info on our unbiased comment by the admin.

f) Regular offers and bonuses

Encourage your investors by means of bonus and loyalty programs. For example, when you close the HYIP, introduce a bonus system, which will not only increase present investment amount, but can even cause a new wave of investors. This is especially important when you are having a low-yield HYIP program.

7) Useful Tips to HYIP Admins

As it is your task to administer the HYIP, you should know that you have allocate your limited budget for contextual advertising and hyip monitors as well as monitor and update forums and social networks not only in english, but different languages as well.

• Remember that the more investors are in the HYIP, so the more we need to create more different forums existence and activeness. This action does not guarantee 100% of HYIP promotion, but there will be some positive outcomes from them.

• It is recommended to have hire an assistant or if there are partners, do distribute administrative functions between two or more HYIP co-owners.

• Working with monitors with a good reputation, you can get up to very good yield.

• Keep yourself up to date with the trendy ways to promote HYIPs.

• Conclusion: How to determine type of HYIP promotion for your HYIP plans.

8) In Conclusion

Base on all the above sharing, you may wish to promote your HYIP for the different stage of your HYIP life cycle as follows below:

1. Initial Stage: Hire managers and administrators to start send out newsletters and to create presence in popular HYIP forums.

2. Growth Stage:  Advertising is a must to attract new investors and referrals: to seek new investors attention to affiliate programs, contextual advertising, social networks. Ontop of these, forums involvement must be continue.

3. Declining Stage: At the hyip declinding stage, it will be great to have a bonus or a loyalty program that will renew interest in your HYIP plan. During this stage, banner advertising and new involvement on the forums are good to revive your hyip.

4. Final Stage: When there is very low new investments for your hyip sites, at this stage, it is important to  make a decision either to invest in re-innovation in the site such as change of theme or wrap-up the HYIP plan.

HYIP admins and affiliates, as well as experienced investors, know that good and aggressive HYIP promotion and advertising will receive excellent returns and a very good positive outcomes.

Take action today, no matter you have just started your HYIPs or already have successful ones. Hope that you can take away some new ideas from our article. We are sure you will be able to develop your own strategy as time goes, and your HYIP will surely 100% work out to be successful.

Talk to us for our advertising package or email us at "s u p p o r [email protected]"(without space) for more information and how you can help you further.
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